ivalyu is pure appreciation.
I value you!

Participate in an easy way grow together.

By phone:
is simple and works twofold.
You as a coach …
… and a coach for you.
Your space.
Your potential.
Your growth.
Your strengths.
Coaching for you!
By phone:
is simple and works twofold.
You as a coach …
… and a coach for you.

Ringcoaching is simple and works twofold.

Me and ringcoaching?

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for a monthly fee of 47,60 €.

the ivalyu message:
Enjoy a coach regularly!


What IVALYU stands for:

Consciously pausing and self-reflecting regularly.
Listening, respect, joy, and appreciation for oneself and others.
Training opportunities in communication and coaching.

A coach for you:

People with big chalenges enjoy coaching. Professional sportsmen and business men do that because they know it makes a differece. How about you?

  • Do you want to be more aware of your uniqueness and your special qualities?
  • Want to be efficacious in your life?
  • What is really really essential for YOU?

Grow together

In ivalyu you surely will meet very different and interesting people. From both perspectives, as a coach and as a coachee you can unfold your potential of communicating in your appropriate way. ivalyu is a strong and strengthening community.


Coaching for what?

any people are on their way with a quest for joy, wholeness, success, peace. Coaching offers a space for transformation.
Our tensions and challenges need to be seen so that they can offer new possibilites instead of frustration and anger.
Coaching offers a save Space for personal tensions and issues without having to change external circumstances.
Coaching invites to iterate and develop answers to the following questions:
What is really essential for my life? Where do I want to go exactly? How do I get there?
The better question would be: "Do I allow myself to have get coached?“
In Sports and business is coaching a must-have – why not just for you and your essential issuaes?





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Our Office

  • Ivalyu Central: Hainstraße 5 – 95336 Mainleus – Germany
  • Your contact : Stephan Josef Dick
  • Phone: +49 (0)9229 9569
  • Email: kontakt@ivalyu.com

Your contact

  • Your contact for support in coaching and for all general questions
  • Stephan Josef Dick
  • Phone: +49 (0) 9229 9569
  • e-mail: stephan-josef@ivalyu.com
  • Your Contact for the care and placement of ivalyu Coaches
  • Oinone Buschendorff-Schaar
  • Phone: +49 (0) 451 400 7222
  • e-mail: oinone@ivalyu.com
  • Your contact for ivalyu Ringcoaching relation care issues and training sessions
  • Iris Dick
  • Phone: +49 (0) 1522 9569919
  • Phone: +49 (0) 9229 974369
  • e-mail: iris.dick@ivalyu.com
  • Your contact for ivalyu international, support for international membership
  • Gertraud Wegst
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  • Your contact for the website and membership account issues
  • Marco Bienlein
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